16-Passenger Van

Our Toyota Hiace is just about totally worn out. It is the main vehicle on our campus that has served us well for the last seven years. Its engine has been overhauled a number of times, once fully replaced, the air conditioner dies every other time it is driven, and the body is held together by Bondo. It is now rare to take a trip without having to spend several hours in a mechanic’s shop. It is time to say farewell to our 12-passenger friend for something a bit bigger and more reliable.
Toyota has recently expanded their fleet with a 16-passenger van that promises to help relieve the travel pressures of growing children as well as to provide reliable transportation. The price of $52,000 includes VAT and tax, licensure, as well as CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) conversion, which is now the cheapest fuel available. The conversion allows us to run on either CNG or standard gas. We are now beginning a fund to purchase such a vehicle. If the Holy Spirit speaks to your heart concerning this transportation need, you can make a donation to help us stay out of the mechanic’s shop every time we travel. Thank you for your support and prayers for this project.

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