Girls Dorm

It is the goal of Bangla Hope Children's Home to provide education on campus for the children through the 10th grade. In the past, children left to attend boarding school at SAMS after their 6th grade year. Unfortunately they have had huge challenges academically and emotionally. In 2017, Bangla Hope began teaching 7th grade and in 2018, the 8th grade. Already the 9th grade books have been purchased as we plan to begin 9th grade in 2019. This decision has brought new challenges as larger facilities are necessary as well as more teachers.  More teaching staff means more housing which is at a premium at the present time. In order to provide enough housing for all of the children and teachers  the decision was made to build a new girl’s dormitory. Construction is about to begin on this building. The dorm will be built with a four-floor foundation with plans to complete all floors as funds become available. 

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