Village School Computers

Our Village Schools have done a remarkable job preparing the students to know God and to prepare the students to excel in academics. Most of the schools are nothing more than a tin building covering a mud floor. There is a huge need to change these buildings into something more substantial, but that is a topic and dream for another time.
The teachers, however, are in dire need of a computer and printer to prepare lessons and tests.
At the present time, our Educational Superintendent, Nishicanto, helps the teachers get these things done, but the schools are so far apart that the territory is difficult for him to cover. A decent computer and printer would run about $800.
Most schools have three teachers. I hope to raise funds for one computer/printer per school, and we have eleven village schools. If we obtain more funds, we will purchase a second computer for our larger schools. All schools now have electricity so a computer would be a huge help to our village schoolteachers.
If you feel a desire to assist in this project please mark your donation “Village School Computers”.

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