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Amy Bayen

Age 15

Birthday 2005-07-16

Place Bangla Hope Children's Home

First Name Amy

Gender Female

Grade 6

Amy's Story

Mr. & Mrs. Bayen lived out in one of the sourthern villages. It is the custom for a young couple to live with the husbands parents. Many times the mother-in-law makes the young wife become the slave of the family. When Mrs. Bayen delivered a baby girl it was much harder to do chores along with taking care of the baby. Things seem to go from bad to worse, and one day she took poison to end her very difficult life which seemed too hard to bear. She died in a short while, leaving her little girl alone with no one wanting her. Mr. Bayen asked us to take his daughter so she would have a chance in life. She is now at our receiving center getting lots of tender loving care. Thank you for sponsoring Amy. I know you will enjoy helping her. Beverly Waid, Director Bangla Hope Receiving Center Update 4/2018: Amy is now studying in Grade 6. She enjoys her English class very much. She likes horses the best. Her favorite color is blue. Her favorite food is tomatoes. She would like to be a teacher someday.


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