Johnny Hazra


Age 16

Birthday 2004-09-30

Place Bangla Hope Children's Home

First Name Johnny

Gender Male

Grade 8

Johnny's Story

It was Autumn 2005, when we received a phone call from the southern part of Bangladesh telling us there was an abandoned baby boy needing a home. Reba, the babys mother, struggled with a mental illness. She went to visit her sister in another village taking little Johnny with her. On her way home she stopped in her village marketplace and left baby Johnny under a banyan tree. When he started to cry, a nearby man came over to investigate. He tried to locate Johnnys mother, but no one seemed to know who or where she was. Finally, out of pity for little Johnny, he took the baby home with him. After a few days, Sharbonondo, Johnnys father, began to worry about his wifes whereabouts for she had not returned home. He started looking for baby Johnny throughout the village. He finally found the baby, but could not find his wife. She had disappeared! He took Johnny to his sister-in-laws home for her to care for him. After a short while she realized she could not care for him any longer. She heard about Bangla Hope and Sharbonondo chose to let us have him. We are happy you have chosen to sponsor little Johnny. His life will be blessed because of your sacrifice. Beverly Waid Director of Bangla Hope Orphanage Update 1/2018Johnny is in class 8. He suffers from Epilepsy and from the medication to control his seizures too. He likes English class best. His favorite color is red. His favorite animal is the zebra. Johnny loves to eat potatoes when he has an appetite. His favorite book of the Bible is Matthew. His best buddy is Alex. Johnny would like to be a policeman someday.


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