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Rosie Kunda

Age 16

Birthday 2004-11-15

Place Bangla Hope Children's Home

First Name Rosie

Gender Female

Grade 9

Rosie's Story

It was spring 2006 when we went out to one of the villages to meet the guardians of six babies who were to come to our receiving center. We were back at our guest house when I was called to come to the front of the campus for a lady wanted to see me. Our sponsorship director went with me. I met Shika and her little daughter Rosie. Shika told us that her husband left her with nothing to live on. She went to her mothers home, but twenty days after she arrived her mother died. She said she would go into Dhaka and get a job in the sewing factories, so she pleaded with us to take her little girl. Rosie seemed to be around one to one and a half years old and I knew she would fit into our receiving center very well. We took the six babies back the next morning. It was not long before Rosie adjusted to being with us. We are so happy you have chosen to sponsor Rosie. We know you will be blessed. Beverly Waid, Director Bangla Hope Orphanage Update 1/2018 Rosie is in class 8. Her favorite subject in school is math. She loves to eat mangos. She loves computers, hates dolls, loves her best friend Reisa and desires to be a doctor.