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Caleb Mazzi

Age 19

Birthday 2003-02-02

Place Bangla Hope Children's Home

Caleb's Story

Calebs father rented a small shop to have a Tea House. He borrowed money to open this shop, but could not pay back the money so he disappeared. Calebs mother finally had to sell some of their land to pay the bill. His father came back home and again started borrowing money, which he could not pay back. He disappeared again and the news came that he was in Dhaka married to a Muslim lady. He never came back home. Calebs mother could not work and take care of her children, so she begged us to take Caleb and his sister Tanisha. Caleb is now a very happy boy in our receiving center. I know you will enjoy sponsoring Caleb. He will be blessed because you have chosen to sponsor him. Beverly Waid, Director Bangla Hope Receiving Center/Orphanage Update 1/2018: Caleb is in class 10 at SAMS boarding school (Seventh-day Adventist Maranatha Seminary). His favorite classes are Bible and History. He loves to play soccer and says mangoes are the best things to eat! He wants to go to college and become a policeman. His favorite friends are Timon and Danny. Caleb is a serious boy, and does well in school. Calebs is in Class XII this year 2021 and because of COVID 19 he is out of school since last year June 2020 till now.

Update 08/2022: Caleb felt the call to go into engineering but lacked the science background to pursue such a goal. Even though he had scored high enough on his 8th grade exam, the school he was attending refused to let him take a science curriculum. He was instead enrolled into an arts program. He passed the requisite engineering entrance exam, and he has been accepted into Dhaka's well-respected engineering institute BCI. He is studying textile engineering.