Corrie Soren


Age 6

Birthday 2013-12-02

Place Bangla Hope Children's Home

First Name Corrie

Gender Female

Grade -1

Corrie's Story

Mina and Badol married and had 2 daughters. Not long after the 2nd baby girl (Corrie) was born, Mina left her family and ran off with another man. She soon married him and started a new family. Badol was very distraught and could not take care of his 2 daughters. He left the girls with the grandmother and ran off. A relative took the older girl to live with them. Grandmother was trying to raise Corrie with love, but she had no income source to feed, clothe or educate the deserted child. She heard about Bangla Hope from one of the caregivers who works on our campus. She believed that Bangla Hope could give Corrie the chance of a better and healthier life. Corrie needs someone like you to sponsor her. We know you will enjoy sponsoring this sweet little girl. Thank you for making a difference in her life. Panuel Baroi Sponsorship DirectorBangla Hope Orphanage