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Rexona Soren

Age 22

Birthday 2000-05-07

Place Bangladesh Adventist Nursing Institute (BANI)

First Name Rexona

Gender Female

Rexona's Story

Three years ago, Lewis Soren joined our campus as cafeteria manager.  About the same time, he married our principal’s secretary Martha and they have both been an exceptional blessing on our campus.  Lewis is the oldest of four children.  His mother raised her little flock by taking them to Sabbath School and placing them in Seventh-day Adventist Schools.  The father is an agnostic, day laborer who doesn’t have the means to send his children to school.  Lewis feels an intense desire to assure that his younger siblings obtain an Adventist education.  He enrolled his younger sister as a first-year nursing student into BANI (Bangladesh Adventist Nursing Institute) but it soon became evident that it was impossible for him to meet her expenses.  Thus, he came to me asking for financial assistance for his sister.  In February, I received an unexpected donation while visiting the BASC campus and within a matter of twenty minutes placed the entire donation on Rexona’s bill.  It was the exact amount to the penny!  God’s timing is impeccable!  This donation will only pay for Roxona’s first semester so if you wish to help her financially to fulfill her goal please inquire at our office and our ladies will be happy to assist you.