Rumi Biswas


Age 14

Birthday 2006-02-11

Place Bangla Hope Children's Home

First Name Rumi

Gender Female

Grade 8

Rumi's Story

Parul was a good student and a good Christian girl. One day she met a young rickshaw driver. He was so friendly and good looking. Before long she fell in love with him knowing he was a Hindu. One day she ran away from school and married this young man. Life was nothing like she imagined it would be. He liked to drink and often got drunk. He was unkind and mean those times. When her baby girl came along, she hoped life would get better, but it did not. They lived at his parents home and it was easier for her to live like them. Her husband could not keep a job and finally she knew it would be best for her little girl to live at Bangla Hope so she could be raised a Christian. She is now getting good care at our Receiving Center. Beverly Waid Director of Bangla Hope Orphanage Update 1/2018: Rumi is in class 7 this year. She likes her Math class very much! She says she likes to go out and jump rope. Her favorite friends to play with are Tammy and Sharmi. Rumi is a very sweet girl and is always good. She speaks English very well.