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Timothy Baroi

Age 14

Birthday 2006-11-15

Place Bangla Hope Children's Home

First Name Timothy

Gender Male

Grade 7

Timothy's Story

Timothy's mother left her husband and baby when he was only 2 months old and she never returned. The father and the little grandmother could no longer care for the baby. We made arrangements to meet the grandmother and baby at the Union Mission in Dhaka. Her teeth were so discolored by the chewing of beetle nut. I felt so sad as we took little Timothy from her. He snuggled into my arms and went to sleep all the way back to the Receiving Center. He is adjusting well to living here. Thank you so much for choosing to sponsor Timothy. You will help to give him a better chance in life. Beverly Waid, Director Bangla Hope Receiving Center/Orphanage 3/2016 Update: Timothy is in the 4th grade He enjoys math class. His favorite animals are puppies. His favorite color is red. Timothy loves to eat Sweet Rice. He would like to be a flight attendant someday.


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