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Mukti Tirkey

Age 22

Birthday 2000-03-16

Place Bangladesh Adventist Nursing Institute (BANI)

First Name Mukti

Gender Female

Mukti's Story


  Mukti Tirkey just graduated from  SAMS. Before this she studied at our Bangla Hope Village School where she finished her primary level. She is happy to be studying at SAMS.  She comes from western part of Bangladesh and a very poor background.  In future she wants to be a nurse. She likes reading. She is a quiet and calm girl. Father’s name is Varoti Tirkey, and her mother is Suresh Tirkey. Her parents are day labor. They have no land to cultivate crops and support their family. She needs sponsorship to continue to study in this school. I know you will enjoy sponsoring Mukti. Please know that you are making a wonderful difference in her life.

UPDATE: Muki is taking the Pre-Nursing exam with the plans on starting at BANI in January 2021. Please continue to pray for her and her studies.