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Rajoni Hembrom

Age 0

Birthday 2020-02-04

Place Bangla Hope Children's Home

First Name Rajoni

Gender Female

Rajoni's Story

During her home delivery the mother (Rajina) had complications and was taken to the hospital on the muddy road in the very rural village.  At the hospital the doctor tried his best to save her, but she survived only two hours. The blood loss was too great. The father (Sushil) is a day laborer and there is no one who can take care of Rajoni. They are very needy and finally came to the decision to entrust baby Rajoni to the care of Bangla Hope Children’s Home. She has joined us at our Bangla Hope Center and is part of our family now. Rajoni needs somebody like you; I know you will enjoy sponsoring Rajoni. Please know that you are making a wonderful difference in her life.  

By Panuel Baroi, Sponsorship Director, Bangla Hope

Rajoni (baby girl) with her father and sister.