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Rimi Folia

Age 12

Birthday 2007-12-16

Place Bangla Hope Children's Home

First Name Rimi

Gender Female

Grade 6

Rimi's Story

Putul was so happy to marry Probin. They loved each other and life was good until they went to live with Probins mother. She did not like Putul and was always after her to get money from her family. Putul said she could not get any money for they did not have any. Probins mother started to make life hard for Putul. She talked unkind and treated her mean. Probin did not stand up to his mother but started treating Putul mean along with his mother. He found another lady outside and stayed with her part of the time. This caused trouble between the two. By this time two daughters, Rimi and Mimi, had been born to the couple but it did not help make them happy. One day Probin came home and an argument started. Probin picked up a big stick and hit his wife over the head. He hit her so hard that it killed her. Probin and his mother got poison and put it in Putuls mouth so people would think she killed herself. The police came and they took the children and called Bangla Hope. We chose to take these two little ones for we did not want them to stay with their Grandmother and father. Rimi and Mimi are at Bangla Hope and we know they will adjust and be happy. Beverly Waid Bangla Hope Receiving Center


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